person playing guitar

School of Rock

School of Rock Coral Springs is a haven for aspiring musicians who love rock n’ roll. Based on the belief that live performance is the most fun and effective way to teach an instrument, School of Rock gets kids playing on stage as quickly as possible. The classes are tailored to all age groups and levels of proficiency. Instructors are passionate about creating a legacy of music by helping students succeed. 

Because music is more than a solo act, School of Rock teaches kids to play alone and as part of a group. This approach promotes accountability, speeds up the learning process and fosters and inclusive community of rockers. In addition to refining their overall skill and proficiency as musicians, students learn what comes with being part of a band: teamwork, collaboration, and the fun of sharing incredible experiences with others.

School of Rock offers lessons on guitar, bass, keyboard, drums and vocals. Students learn, absorb and perform iconic hits from some of history’s greatest rock and roll performers, including The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, Van Halen, AC/DC, Led Zeppelin and many more. At School of Rock, students learn music skills and enjoy epic experiences that will last a lifetime.