boy at a pool with swimcap

David Swim School

When David Hoyos founded his first swimming school in Caracas, Venezuela in 1995, he never could have imagined where his life-long journey in swimming would take him. His initial ambitions were to help prevent drowning in the South American country where many didn’t know how to swim. 25 years later he has opened many schools in multiple countries that have produced international champions and prevented drowning deaths.

David is the Sports Director and Sports Psychologist at David’s Swim School in Coral Springs. They recently opened an indoor facility that offers classes for all ages and levels. In fact, with their Pregnancy Fit Program, swim classes can start before a child is born! Toddlers & infants will benefit from “drown-proofing” classes for the rest of their lives, while older kids and teens have the option of private or group lessons, swim teams, and more.